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Look Good on the Road

At Professional Auto Detailing in Anchorage, Alaska, we are an Auto Detail Company without compare. In fact, our goal is to be the very best Auto Detail company in the Anchorage area. Our team understands that not all vehicles are created equally, and because of that, we pay attention to the individual needs of every vehicle we service. We also believe that premium service doesn't have to cost premium prices. We proudly offer 15% military and senior discounts.

Services you can count on

Established 1977, Professional Auto Detailing provides a variety of services that will keep your car looking its best no matter what. From a simple drive-through car wash to more extensive hand washing and waxing to comprehensive cleaning and car detail work, we do it all. Our car wash and detail services are designed with a variety of needs in mind. Come in to our Anchorage facility and let us show you what service really means!

Long lasting results

Many people think that having their car's exterior detailed is a luxury that they can do without. At Professional Auto Detailing, we know this simply isn't the case. Our automotive team works with our clients to help them understand the long term value of a comprehensive detailing. As for concerns that exterior work won't last, our car wash service can be weather proof! There's nothing better than a good coat of wax to keep the rain from taking the shine off your car.

Our detailing process on your interior is not just a vac and shampoo, like other detail shops. At Professional Auto Detailing, we do a deep carpet and upholstery extraction, using a special formulated cleaning agent to release all the dirt/ grease/ grim, not only on the surface, but deep down inside the carpet and upholstery, dissolving and releasing the all dirt. Then we use high pressure water to wash it ALL out, followed by a wet vac, several times and a drying process. Our Proven Process, not only makes your vehicle look clean and new, it makes your vehicle interior deep down clean, removing all dirt, odors, and allergens from deep down. Stop by our Anchorage shop today for a demonstration.

Satisfaction guaranteed

When it comes to our satisfaction guarantee, it's really quite simple: we treat your vehicle as if it was our own. The attention the team at Professional Auto Detailing pays to your vehicle will leave you speechless. We are dedicated to providing the same level of care to your car as we do to our own. If you have any questions or problems, talk to us in Anchorage! We'll do everything in our power to make sure you're 100% happy with our car wash and detailing work 100% of the time.


We are licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind.